Why There’s ‘White Strings’ Attached To The Egg Yolk.

If you’re like many people, then you probably don’t know much about eggs beside making hard boiled eggs. Once you find those little stingy things in your eggs you might be grossed out and think of something crazy like a chicken umbilical cord. After reading this, you’ll be happy you found it as it’s not what you think it is.

You probably don’t know much about the structure of the egg as most people don’t. Here’s what’s really inside an eggs and why that white string is in it:

  • Shell- The shell protects the eggs porous, allowing respiratory to occur while gasses pass through the shell.
  • Albumen- Most people know this as the egg white and this is full of protein, and works as a cushion for the egg yolk while the embryo is growing.
  • Air cell- When an egg ages it gets rid of most of the moisture until it fills about 1/3 of the egg at hatching. The chick breaks into this space at the beginning of the hatching sequence and is able to breather before escaping the shell.
  • Chalazae- This is the white stings in the egg. This is what holds the yolk in the middle of the egg, allowing the embryo to continue growing without out it pressing against the shell.All of these parts are present in every egg, fertile or not. What you may find interesting is that every egg changes as it ages, the structures begin to soften and break down. You should be happy to find the chalazae in your egg because over time they shrink and pretty much disappear in eggs that are past their prime.

    Next time you separate an egg and don’t find that stringy thing, you’ll think “Oh, gross! How old is this egg!?!”

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