What Should You Check The Next Time You Buy Bottled Water

Bottled water is considered safe and clean for consumption as a matter of default. Bottled water is such a generalized substance of use that we do not even know what the various symbols and letters on the label actually mean. If you carefully look below bottled water or the label on the bottle, you will find several symbols and notations on them, which for your own safety, should be in your knowledge.

There must be a label
Firstly, every bottle that you buy must have a label on it so that you can read the requisite information from it. Besides, this label should contain basic information like contents and MRP of the bottle.

A single use bottle will generally have these letters inscribed on it. These bottles must be thrown away, once its contents have been utilized. There is a risk of heavy metallic and chemical release from these bottles, which can dangerously affect hormones.

These letters are indicated on a bottle which is healthy and safe. No harmful chemicals are released by these bottles.

3V or PVC
These bottles release 2 toxic hormones, which affects hormones

Used in production of plastic bags, this plastic should not be used in making of bottles.

This plastic is white in colour and used in packing syrup bottles and yogurt cups.

This plastic releases carcinogenic substances, used in making coffee cups.

This plastic releases BPA, dangerous for health.

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