Top 10 Things to See and Do in France in 2016

France is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. Every part of it offers something unique and unforgettable. We have picked ten things that you should consider seeing and doing this year in beautiful France!

10. Visit Château de Chenonceau

Located in a small French village Chenonceaux, the palace is built on the River Cher. First built in the 15th century, then destroyed and rebuilt in the 16th, the palace had a lot of owners, including King Francis I of France. Today it belongs to Menier family, who owns a famous chocolate company. The family has restored the palace and its gardens. Today it is open for the public and Château de Chenonceau is the second most visited palace in France after Versailles.

Why to go there?

A perfect place to have a glimpse of a royal life. Lear about the late Gothic and early Renaissance styles, that define this beautiful palace.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

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