Top 10 Things to Do and See in Greenland – Truly Unique Experiences

Greenland – remote, cold and dark. And also a country that has preserved its incredible nature, wildlife and Inuit culture. A place where ice and snow create breathtaking landscape and shape the traditions. See our list of ten things to see and do on the biggest island in the world.

10. Kayaking

First people probably came to Greenland by the kayaks. Therefore it is one of the oldest and essential means of transportation. Today there are numerous companies that rent modern kayaks for the tourists. The dramatic shoreline provides great sites, that include icebergs, northern settlements, whales, seals and various birds.

Why to kayak?

You can find a kayak rental almost all over the country. It provides a truly authentic experience, great views and a fun outdoor activity.

Top Greenland-Kayaking-Photo by Greenland

Photo by Greenland

Top Greenland-Kayaking-Photo by Mads Pihl

Photo by Mads Pihl

Top Greenland-Kayaking-Photo by Mads Pihl3

Photo by Mads Pihl

Top Greenland-Kayaking-Photo by Mads Pihl2

Photo by Mads Pihl

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