Top 10 Incredible Italian Castles That Will Leave You Breathless

Italy has a rich and tumultuous history of families fighting over the power. No wonder the country is sprinkled with various castles from various different eras. The sites provide a good introduction to the Italian history as well as allow to admire the beautiful architecture. Check out our ten choices.

10. Banfi Castle, Tuscany

The splendid castle is surrounded with the vineyards and is famous for producing sparkling wine known as Banfi Piemonte. Moreover, visitors are welcome not only to have a tour around, but also have an event or stay at the castle for a special occasion.

Why to go there?

Learn about wines and also enjoy great accommodation in this historic beauty.




9. Castle of Charles V, Lecce

First castle was erected here in the Middle Ages. Later on it was improved by Charles V in 1539. Today it serves as the seat of the Cultural Affairs of the township of Lecce – a very glamorous place to be working in indeed!

Why to go there?

Visit this splendid structure once in historic city of Lecce, which is packed with architectural wonders.




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