This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salts have become a common ingredient on our tables, and they can provide numerous health benefits, like boosted digestion and regulating high blood pressure. However, Himalayan salts can do numerous other things around the house.

Actually, it is a hand-mined mineral from the Himalayan mountains, and can be found in various forms. Its edible variant contains less sodium than regular table salt.

You have surely noticed that your energy gets restored and you feel refreshed and revitalized due to some natural phenomena, like waterfalls, or being in front of rushing waves at the waterfront. Namely, these locations and sights contain negative ions, which are responsible for the sensation they cause.

These ions are created in nature, and Himalayan salt lamps physically and chemically transform your home, as they provide health benefits and add color and glow.

We are frequently by negative and positive ions- charged molecules which float through the air. Positive ions have been dubbed ‘electronic smog’ which may have a harmful effect on the health and wellbeing.

These ions have been charged by the big screen of microwaves, computers, TVs, telephones, smartphones, and any other electronic wave in the air.

This electronic smog has been called as “one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences” by the World Health Organization, and it warns that its effect on health should be taken seriously.

According to many studies, our brains are bombarded by 20 times more frequencies than it should be, and they lead to insomnia, allergies, mental health issues, nerve disorders, and potentially other issues.

Therefore, positive ions are not, in fact, positive, and they are a product of almost everything we use nowadays, so they need to be neutralized. However, there is a way to provide a neutralized (or even negative) ion effect in your home.

On the other hand, when a molecule gains a negatively charged electron, it leads to the creation of a negative ion. These ions attract natural pollutants such as irritants, allergens, mold and dust, and gives them a negative charge, so it neutralizes them and they lose their harmful properties.

Negative ions are usually produced in nature, at the beach, near waterfalls, in the forest, and trigger the flow of oxygen in the brain, and thus provide energy and mental alertness.

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