She Soaked Her Feet in Mouthwash and This is What Happen !

Part of maintaining a good hygiene is taking excellent care of the feet. The main thing is, people keep tinking that in order to treat your feet (whether you suffer from some infection or not) that one must buy a load of expensive products to do that. Well that is not true. There are some home remedies which can be easily made, with ingredients that we use every day, and will get you the wanted results. It will help you get rid of several infections too, such as blisters, corns, athlete’s feet, bunions, gout, fungal infections, and more. In addition, find out how to cure these problems.

– Firstly, if you want to get rid of that fungal infection that has been bothering you for so long, soak your feet in mouthwash for hald an hour, every single day. The mouthwash contains some ingredients, such as alcohol, which will help you fight off the infection. You will not believe the results. You can also soak your hands in mouthwash if you suffer from hand fungal infection. It will help too.

– Treat athlete’s foot? No problem. The garlic solution is what you need. Just put some garlic between your toes and leave it there for the entire day.

– Another helper is the onion. This vegetable can treat foot corns. Here is what you must do – slice up a thick piece of onion and soak it in apple cider vinegar. Then, take the piece and apply it on the lower back of your foot. After that, put on a sock over it. Keep it like that and remove it when you feel that the corns are getting softer and easier to remove.

– This next one in almost unbelievable, but the amazing chilli sauce can help with treating bunions. Just apply a mixture of the sauce and a pinch of Vaseline on the area which is infected and cover it with a gauze. The chilli is extremely helpful in this situation because it contains capsaicin, which helps with reducing the swelling and calming the nerves which cause the pain. To reduce the pain you can also apply salt directly on the bunions.

– To stop the blisters, you can use deoderant. The antiperspirant can be a little painful if applied on a previously popped blister, but nevertheless, it is very effective – it dries up the area and speeds up the healing process.

– And what about treating gout? How to manage that? The solution is easy – you need to stop consuming sugar. Recent studies have shown that the appearance of gout is tightly connected to consumption of too much sugar. To cure the inflammation, we recommend eating plenty of red fruits, such as cherries and berries.

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