In 1850 a Farmer Found This Hidden Door. What He Sees Inside Astounds the Whole World.

In 1850 a Scottish farmer on the Orkney Islands makes an unbelievable discovery. As he goes to inspect damage after a powerful storm, he stumbles upon a stoney passageway in a small bay. What’s inside surprises the world.

Flickr/Fiore S. Barbato
Here he finds the remains of an ancient civilization. Thousands of years ago, there was a flourishing society here. Yet to this day in 1850, the remains had been hidden by dunes. It was the storm that exposed the settlement.

Flickr/Reading Tom

This settlement is over 5000 years old and as such it is even older than the pyramids in Egypt! The city was known as Skara Brae. The houses have been well protected thanks to the sand dunes and therefore have remained in good condition. For archeologists this is like hitting the jackpot.


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