How This Guy Managed To Travel To 13 Countries Almost For Free!

Meet Scott Keyes a magazine journalist from Ohio who has written for The Atlantic, The Washington Post and has been a staff writer for Think Progress. Currently he resides in Oaxaca, Mexico but before he heads back to the U.S., he’s going to take two months to travel. Keyes will visit the 13 countries travelling over 20,000 miles on 21 separate flights. He’s paying only the taxes on each plane ticket.

He is 28 years old and he is proving that travelling the world doesn’t have to leave your wallet feeling light!

His itinerary includes visits to Mexico, Nicaragua, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Grenada, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Fyrom (Macedonia), Lithuania, and Finland. It’s going to be an epic two months until he has to go back to his desk.

Finding last minute flights and earning airline miles and bonus from his 25 credit cards he has designed a two-month journey, which will cost him almost nothing. By using the cards he even has access to private a la carte lounge where travelers like Keyes will be able to drink and eat for free, have internet access, even to take a quick shower. “I have a nice place to work, food, drinks and internet. As the rest of the world, “he says, while sitting in the lounge of American Express, during a stop in Dallas, Texas. The whole plan took 10 to 15 hours. Eventually he will fly first-class and the hotels are all already paid.

Now Keyes is an expert in cheap travel. He even wrote a couple of e-books surrounding the topic of knocking down the costs of the dream vacation. Those are titled “How to Fly for Free” and “How to Find Cheap Flights.”

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