Here is A List of The Top 10 Highest Peaks in Europe

Europe is known for being culturally versatile, but its nature is as diverse as countries and people. Various mountainous ranges cover vast areas and feature some incredibly tall summits. Here are out ten choices of the highest as well as prettiest European mountains.

10. Gerlachovský Štít, Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

At 2,654.4 m (8,709 ft) tall, the mountains is the highest peak in the High Tatras range. The first known ascent to the top was successfully performed by a local citizen Ján Still in 1834! Today however only official members of national climbing club are allowed an access to the top.

Why to go there?

Tatra Mountains are the main and most popular natural attraction in the region. Various peaks, hiking trails and camping sites will provide activities for anyone.



Gerlachovský štít, Sliezky dom a v¾avo Konèistá z Popradu zo sídliska Juh.

9. Galdhøpiggen, Jotunheimen, Norway

Jotunheimen, which means the home of the giants, features the highest mountain in Norway – Galdhøpiggen (2469 m) – and 28 other highest peaks. The established Jotunheimen National Park provides visitors with the facilities and mountain cabins or lodges.

Why to go there?

Tourists can enjoy many activities here. The most popular hiking trail along the Besseggen ridge features wonderful views to the emerald Gjende lake and mountains. Also glacier walking, rafting, caving, canyoning and riding can be chosen by the adventurous travelers.

Galdhøpiggen-Photo by Espen Haagensen

Photo by Espen Haagensen


Galdhøpiggen-Photo by Vincent Steeman

Photo by Vincent Steeman

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