Here Are The Top 10 Most Famous Canadian Landmarks That You Must Visit !

Canada is famous for its unspoiled vast nature. An abundance of natural wonders attracts millions of tourists every year. However the Canadian towns also have a distinctive vibe about them. Check out these ten great and most recognizable landmark in Canada.

10. Banff

Embedded in the middle of National Park and surrounded with mountainous landscape. The town is a popular tourist attraction, providing plenty of picturesque sites and activities, that include climbing, skiing, cycling and more. Meanwhile Banff Avenue is at the heart of the town. It features numerous cafes, restaurants, shops and museums. The main street features historic architecture, which is interesting to explore.

Why to go there?

Various all year round activities; a beautiful avenue in the center of the town, which provides a romantic night out.




9. St. John’s

The largest city in the province is also known to be one of the most colorful towns in the world! Usually one would expect vibrant colors and vivid houses someplace, which is always warm and sunny. However, climate in St. John’s is usually chilly and sullen. But it doesn’t stop the locals from painting their buildings brightly. The town is also famous for having a lively cultural life, numerous galleries and museums.

Why to go there?

The unspoiled environment provides various outdoor activities for the visitors. Pippy Park is one of the biggest Canadian urban parks and features gold courses, skiing as well as hiking trails, versatile fauna and flora. Victorian-style Bannerman Park hosts a swimming pool, a baseball diamond, events and festivals.


StJohn-Photo by Elena Elisseeva

Photo by Elena Elisseeva

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