Doctors Confirmed – Red Onions Do Wonders For The Thyroid Gland

Just about everyone knows that onions are very beneficial as they can kill off bacteria and clean the clean. Phosphoric acid is a property in onion, which gives off this effect. Here’s a quick and easy remedy you can use to improve your thyroid gland.

Igor Knjazkin is a Russian doctor discovered that this remedy works amazing for functioning the thyroid gland. The main ingredient is red onion.

  • Cut the red onion in half
  • This should be done before bedtime to allow the juice to leak from each onion half.
  • Massage your neck with this onion in a circular motion
  • Make sure to focus where the thyroid gland is.
  • Do not wash your neck prior to going to sleep

The red onions will ensure that your skin is cleansed and it’s phosphoric acid will destroy  bacteria while stimulating your thyroid gland.

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