10 Signs You Have Too Much Estrogen and the Steps to Take to IMMEDIATELY Remove It

Estrogen dominance is a term used to describe a health condition in which a woman has excessive, normal or deficient levels of estrogen, but she doesn’t have sufficient amount of progesterone to make balance.


Even though this health issue was present for a long time, it seems that people became aware of it in the recent period.

That’s why many of them are looking for sources that can help them learn more about the symptoms and signs of estrogen dominance and those who believe that they have this condition want to know what they can do to fight it.

In this article we will show you an easy and effective procedure that can help you bring harmony and balance in your body and this procedure can be used by women and men for preventive purposes too.

Before we share the details, let’s highlight the 10 signs and symptoms related to this health problem:

  1. Poor PMS – frequent mood swings, breast swelling and/or tenderness, headaches etc.
  2. Unusual menstrual periods
  3. Weight gain mostly in the abs and hips
  4. Poor libido
  5. Mental fog
  6. Fatigue
  7. Thyroid issues
  8. Unexplained hair loss
  9. Sleeping problems
  10. Slow metabolism.

First Step – Eliminate Xenoestrogens

The technological progress and the process of industrialization have brought us many positive things, but they have also resulted in some negative effects.

For instance, many dangerous chemicals and toxins found in the environment penetrate our body on a daily basis. One of these chemicals is known as xenoestrogen.

This chemical compound has the ability to imitate estrogen in the human body. People are exposed to this compound every day so it is no surprise why a huge number of people are dealing with estrogen dominance.

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