Vacation Destinations For Adventurous And Open Minded Tourists

Everyone seeks adventure from time to time. Don’t just book another trip to the Caribbean for your next vacation — take  a unique journey to one of these unforgettable destinations.

10. Blood Falls


While Antarctica may not be on the top of your vacation bucket list, you might avoid this particular location for more reasons than just the cold. In Victoria Land lies Blood Falls, where a violent shade of what appears to be blood stains the 35-mile long Taylor Glacier. A waterfall gushes out the “blood,” adding to the murderous scene.

Of course, the macabre red shade isn’t really blood. The crimson hue originates from sulfur-devouring bacteria that thrive underneath the glacier’s underground lakes. Iron-oxide excretions from the bacteria dye the ice. Although the eerie color of the Taylor Glacier presents no danger, Blood Falls is deadly for another reason — the McMurdo Dry Valleys are so relentlessly dry that when lost animals wander into the area and perish, their bodies never decompose. Their mummified corpses litter the land, completing the chilling vision.

9. Door to Hell


People who tell others to “go to Hell” are usually woefully unclear about how to arrive there. However, Soviet geologists in the Karakum Desert got a big surprise in 1971 when their rig fell through the ground and plunged into a 230-foot wide cavern brimming with natural gas. Deciding the vapor was less toxic for the nearby villagers of Deweze if they burnt the methane off, geologists lit the cavern, expecting the fire to blaze for only a few weeks. Forty years later, the fire is still burning despite 2010 orders from Turkmenistan’s president to fill the pit. Turkmenistan’s natural gas reserves rank fifth in the world, but poor development of international gas pipes has impeded efforts to make better financial use of the resource. The name “Door to Hell” emerged from locals who say that at night the location is reminiscent of the fires of the Bible.

8. Roswell


Even if you don’t believe in aliens, it’s still worth visiting the extraterrestrial capital of the world. Home to Area 51, Roswell includes the Robert H. Goddard Planetarium, UFO tours, and the Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center. Many of Roswell’s gift shops, such as Alien Zone, Gifts From the Angels, and Roswell Landing are dedicated to celebrating the out-of-this-world culture in the area.

Additionally, Roswell hosts the annual month-long Roswell Cosmic Con and Sci-Fi Film Festival in June. Participants can register for the Roswell Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film Camp, a month-long boot camp designed to instruct students on the different elements of short films. In July, the city also features the Roswell UFO Festival, where visitors can spend four days among believers and skeptics alike celebrating the city’s controversial history. There’s always something quirky to do in Roswell, and even the non-believers can have a good time as they tour New Mexico’s beautiful landscape.

7. Hobbiton


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