These Are The 7 Habits of the Financially Responsible Traveler


Smart Traveler

Money for lodging, money for food, money for transportation: travel expenses add up fast. And that’s just for the basics. Think about adding admissions, souvenirs, entertainment and tips.

However, travel can be affordable. You can significantly cut costs while still being able to enjoy all your trip has to offer.

Financially responsible travelers use these methods. Try fitting them into your plans. You may be surprised at how much you can save. That will give you more money for the next trip.

Use a travel rewards credit card all the time

This is not something you do just for the trip. Get a card that offers airline bonus miles and use it instead of those ungenerous cards that don’t help you meet your goal.

Airlines in the U.S. offer credit cards with bonuses for travel on their aircraft. If you have a favorite carrier, chose that card and be faithful. The miles add up.

However, if you’re more interested in playing the field, some credit card companies have cards with travel bonuses applicable to any airline. Barclay Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard, PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature and Chase Ultimate Rewards are a few that don’t tie you down.

Be flexible about domestic flight times

There are probably specific times of the day you like to fly. Not too early, not too late. Weekends are great, too. Problem is, everyone thinks like that. That’s why certain flights are always more expensive.

Try hard to arrange your schedule so you can fly at the least popular hours. Vow to get up to catch that plane at the crack of dawn, or resign yourself to an overnight flight.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are traditionally sluggish for airlines. And if you must fly on a weekend, Saturday afternoon is the slowest part of the busiest period.

Use travel apps

These are your friends. Use them instead of guidebooks, maps and phrasebooks, and it’ll cut down on what you carry on board. With airline travel, it seems like every ounce counts.

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