Increase Your Chances of Fertility by Eating a Low-Carb Diet

Many experts claim that women who choose to adopt a low-carb diet may increase their fertility chances by up to 5 times!

So it is natural that the more refined carbs one eats, such as breakfast cereal or white bread, the more one lowers their chances of conception.

All this according to fertility experts.

The executive director of fertility group IVI, Dr. Gillian Lockwood claimed that leading doctors are trying to advocate considerable dietary changes all for helping improve the chances of successfully conceiving.

She gave an example which she tells her patients. If they have toast for breakfast, then that is all the daily carbs they need.

They should not then have a sandwich for lunch or, say, pasta for dinner.

The best thing they could do is limit their intake of carbs to just one portion a day, and concentrate on eating protein and vegetables for their other meals.

The Proof Is in the Study

Dr. Lockwood also went on to highlight that one study conducted on 120 women in the U.S. They were split into two groups.

Out of the group who ate a low-carb diet, 58% went on to give birth without any complications. As for the group put on a high-carb diet, only about 11% went on to successfully conceive.

She also informed us that fertility experts are offering diet classes for couples having trouble conceiving. Such classes also include lessons on cookery and proper nutrition.

One of the leaders of this project and a reproductive biologist, Grace Dugdale, warned people to treat refined carbohydrates with extra caution.

Such can include biscuits, cereals, cakes, white bread, pasta, and others.

This is due to their molecules, which can cause blood sugar spikes because they break down more quickly in one’s body.

She went on to say that since a woman’s eggs are rather large cells with a high number of mitochondria, their quality can be damaged.

Additionally, a poor diet based largely on refined carbohydrates can also have an adverse effect on male fertility as well.

Last but most certainly not least, a diet based on a low amount of carbs has shown to decrease a diabetic’s dependency on medication.

It may even reverse the condition in those with type II diabetes! And even if you don’t have diabetes or are not trying to conceive, a low-carb diet is always the way to go.

Source: Diabetes | Infertility AideWellness Mama

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