Glass Walkway in China Shatters Under the Feet of Tourists

On the heels of the opening of Dead Men’s Bridge in Shiniuizhai National Geological Park in southern China, the Yuntaishan glass path in Central China’s Henan province was closed indefinitely for repairs.


Less than a month after opening on September 20, 2015, a tourist dropped a metal thermos while walking on the 853-foot-long bridge. The thermos thereby shattered one of the layers of glass that has the sole job of keeping thousands of daredevils from falling more than 3,500 ft. to their most certain deaths.


“As I was approaching the end of the passage, I heard a sudden loud ‘bang.’ My legs were shaken. I looked down and saw the pane underneath me had shattered.

Some people screamed. I yelled, ‘It really cracked. It really cracked!’ Then I ran pushing the people in front of me. I was terrified,” Lee Dong Hai posted on Weibo (China’s version of Twitter).

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