Consume 3 Tablespoons a Day So You Can Eliminate Fat and Cholesterol

Without a doubt, people tend to err. And many misconceptions became myths. For example, that fat and cholesterol are almost murderous to the human body. Meanwhile, scientists have shown that both cholesterol and fats can be useful. It turns out that there are two types of cholesterol: bad and good.

The first is that accumulating in the body, it adheres to the walls of the blood vessels, clogs the arteries and causes arteriosclerosis, coronary diseases, and many other diseases. The good cholesterol scientifically, high-density lipoprotein purifies the blood of fat, excess pumping of bad cholesterol from the cells and arteries, in a word, helps the body get rid of undesirable and harmful substances.

In order to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase the presence of the good, doctors recommend two ways: diet and exercise. If possible, red greasy meat should be replaced with lean meat, as well as chicken or turkey. But do not forget that there is a bird that does not need skin, which contains an incredible amount of fat. If the soup is cooked, also, give preference to low-fat meats, a third of the cholesterol of the meat goes in the broth.

Include onion and garlic in your diet, and not only in winter, but in other seasons. These plants not only do not contain cholesterol but also interfere with the formation of blood clots. And its properties are not destroyed even in the process of cooking and frying. And speaking of garlic, I bring you a recipe of two ingredients, which will help you eliminate the “bad” fat accumulated in the body and belly.


-12 cloves of garlic
-Half a liter of red wine
-500 gr glass bottle with a lid.


-You must peel and cut the garlic into 4 pieces.
-Put the garlic in the glass jar and add the red wine.
-Cover the jar tightly and leave it in a place where the sun shines.
-Every day shake the jar and do this for two weeks.
-When the time passes, strain the mixture and put the liquid in a dark jar with a lid.

Usage Mode:

-Take a spoonful of this syrup, 3 times a day.
-You must do this for a full month.
-Rest at least 2 months and restart if you consider it necessary.

At the end of the month, you will see a significant and positive change for your health and your silhouette. If you prefer, go to the doctor to have a blood test. Another tip is to take a picture of the before and after, and the measurements of your waist, so you can check the benefits.

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