After Seeing Why She Put A Clothespin On Her Ear, I Called My Doctor And Told Him To Cancel My Meds

If you’re the kind of person who prefers natural treatments to life’s ailments, then this life hack might be just the thing to help you relieve some common forms of pain.

While some people take an active approach to pain like by practicing yoga or doing pain relief stretches, you might be surprised that you can find pain relief by using just your ears.

“Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the central nervous system,” certified reflexologist Helen Chin Lui explains.

While the methods we are providing here should never take the place of medical advice, we think it’s worth a shot. What do you have to lose except some of your aches and pains?

The ear has six different points that all connect to pain and soreness throughout your body as a whole. If you apply pressure to these points, you can relieve some pain.

  1. For example, the upper most part of your ear corresponds with your back and shoulders. Apply a clothespin here for about a minute to release some shoulder tension.
  2. The next spot down is connected to your body’s organs. Reduce minor internal discomfort by applying pressure here.
  3. The upper-middle part is associated with your joints so apply a clothespin here for some joint relief.
  4. The lower-middle part of your ear connects to your sinuses and throat. I could always use some relief here during allergy season.
  5. Digestion is associated with the part of your ear just above the lobe.
  6. Finally, the ear lobe is connected to your head and heart. With all the mental pressures and stress, let’s apply some pressure here for the relief we need.
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