10 Utterly Astonishing Places In Asia To Visit Before You Die

From tropical jungles and hidden coves to electrifying mega-metropolises, Asia has a plethora of amazing destinations that offer a healthy dose of culture, history, fun and adventure. Yet, for its allure and charm, Asia is very often passed by travelers who are disenchanted by the expensive airline tickets as well as difficult time changes that go along with a trip to these places. If you are letting these things stop you from visiting Asia, you are going to miss out on a world of delights and discovery.

Planning on visiting Asia, but don’t know where to start? Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and start filling your bucket list with these supremely fabulous places to visit in Asia!


1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Bangkok – the colorful and vibrant capital of Thailand – is a fascinating, intoxicating and pleasingly frenetic metropolis, brimming with cultures, contradictions, cards, noise, bedlam, sights, smells and people. Whether you’re a party lover, history buff or foodie, you will surely find your bliss in this Asian city.  Rated by Forbes Magazine as the world’s most visited city, this sought-after destination appeases its visitors with magnificent temples, stunning palaces, authentic canals, busy markets, delectable cuisine and zesty nightlife scene.


2. Vigan, Philippines

ViganSteeped in history and culture, Vigan is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is often deemed as one of the top places to visit in the Philippines. A mash-up of old Asian traditions and European colonial architectures, Vigan has an irresistible old-world atmosphere, appeasing history junkies with its cobblestone walkways, horse-drawn carriages and majestic mansions.


3. Kyoto, Japan

KyotoHeaded to Japan? While Tokyo is the political and financial capital of Japan, Kyoto stands proudly as the country’s cultural hub. Praised for its cultural relics, art and otherworldly beauty, the city has a wealth of historic temples and shrines (17 of which are designed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites) that would transport travelers back to ancient Japan.  What’s more, Japan’s ancient capital boasts a mouthwatering cuisine, ultra-modern buildings, an enchanting bamboo forest, and dramatic parks with striking seasonal blooms.

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