10 Unusual Tourist Destinations For Overnight Stays

Have you ever felt the urge to stay in an offbeat hotel? Not the “I think I might witness a drug deal here if I don’t get stabbed first” kind of offbeat, but the cool and weird kind that puts a twist on your vacation. We sure have, so we’ve assembled a list of some strange places you can spend the night if you’re looking for an adventure.

10. In An Aquarium


Most of the time you don’t want to “sleep with the fishes.” But if you could have a sleepover with fish without dying, would you want to? It would be pretty cool, but how would you actually do it? Long lasting scuba gear? Genetic modification to produce gills? That air helmet SpongeBob wears?

Thankfully, you can spend a night near a diversity of sea life without having to get wet. The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, formerly the largest in the world, routinely lets people spend the night. You can plop down a sleeping bag right next to a tank full of sharks, stingrays, or other sea creatures. They have different types of trips for elementary schools, middle schools, scouts and even adults who don’t want to let kids have all the fun.

9. In a Glass Igloo


In the mountains of northern Finland you can see the beautiful lights of the aurora. Unfortunately, the intense cold tends to stop people from hanging outside late at night. You could stay in a hotel, but then how would you see the northern lights? That pesky roof would be in the way.

One hotel offers a solution in the form of a glass igloo. They also offer snow igloos for try-hards, but at that point you might as well just bring your own tent and really rough it out. Plus, you still can’t see out of the top of them. But if you stay in a glass igloo you can stay warm and have an incredible view. Nice work, Finland.

8. In a Museum

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